Marvin Niedens

Marvin Niedens

Lead Salesperson

John Niedens

John Niedens

Owner of Texturite

Doug McNeal

Doug McNeal

Lead Technician

Texturite Ceiling Repair

Our Story

Thanks for stopping by! Our story starts with Marvin Niedens, who grew up in a family of home builders. His dad was a contractor, and he naturally lead the next generation of builders as the oldest of 13 children. You would be hard pressed to drive through a Wichita neighborhood that wasn’t crafted by one of the Niedens. After several decades of building and remodeling, Marvin became increasingly more aware of the demand for popcorn ceiling removal,

…But Builders Kept Spraying Popcorn

And the Problem Grew!

Fast Forward to:

In 2003, Marvin joined forces with John, his youngest son. John started his first handyman business when he was in high school. He grew up working on his father’s job sites, so it was no surprise when he started his own construction business at the age of 14. John is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet, and his determination was the foundation for TEXTURITE.

Together, the father and son team would develop a process to efficiently remove popcorn ceilings 

-without creating a mess.

-without drawing out the process.

-and without breaking the bank!


Popcorn Ceilings Removal, Ceiling Stains, and Ceiling Replacement

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Ceiling Repairs

Texturite offers a variety of subtle colors and textures for your ceilings. We can transform your popcorn ceiling or repair cracked and damaged ceilings.