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We are TEXTURITE, a company that provides simple and affordable solutions to expensive decorating challenges, for both residential and commercial interiors. Although our people come from the remodeling and construction industries, we think of them as ‘artists’ and what they do as ‘art’. You will, too, once you see their ‘magic’.

Whether it be replacing ‘popcorn’, ‘painted’, ‘stipple’, ‘knockdown’ or ‘splatter’ ceilings with a beautiful tuscany finish; ‘texturizing’ the walls to match; or adding new designer light fixtures… we can add warmth, beauty and value more quickly… for less money… than anything else you can do.

TEXTURITE takes pride in giving our customers easy access to customer reviews and up to date photos of all our current jobs through the magic of Facebook. Like us today or contact Marvin or John to get your free estimate!

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Ceiling Repairs

Texturite offers a variety of subtle colors and textures for your ceilings. We can transform your popcorn ceiling or repair cracked and damaged ceilings.